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Endometriosis Concepts

Endometriosis Concepts is focused on endometriosis history, concepts, theory and education. The Endometriosis Concepts and Theories summary begins about 1,855 BC and moves forward to Rokitansky's 1860 histology and Russell's 1899 recognition of non-visualized, intra-ovarian lesions of what Sampson would subsequently (1925) call endometriosis. Sampson also discussed venous dissemination (1918), epithelial metaplasia (1921), implantation from menstruating ovaries (1921), and retrograde menstruation (1927). Ongoing research in endometriosis includes more than 26,500 articles in PubMed (NIH), 365,000 references at scholar.google.com, and 291,000 array- and sequence-based data in the GEO database (NIH). More than 290 references are included in the Endometriosis Concepts and Theories summary. The summary also has introductions to the "tomato effect" and "reversal in evidence-based medicine."

Site Information and Downloads

Site Information and Downloads includes links to the 1988 (revised 2018) and 1991 (republished 2018) endometriosis slide set images, the 1990 endometriosis color atlas (revised 2017), an updated "Endometriosis Concepts and Theories" file, the 1988 article on laparoscopic and vaginal excision in five of seven patients with suspected deep, retrocervical endometriosis, a 2001 descripton of retrocervical endometriosis, the 2018 genetic/epigenetic theory paper, and additional information.


Links are to information on endometriosis, reproductive endocrinology (REI), infertility, tubal reversal, request for past medical records, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Regional One Health, and related pages.

About Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin is a retired Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee Health Science Center and currently a community member of the Virginia Commonwealth University Institutional Review Board. His clinical practice in Memphis was gynecology (Ob Gyn) and reproductive endocrinology (REI).

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