Miliary and Vesicular Lesions

There is research in the
rheumatologic literature that
is not paralleled in the
gynecologic literature that
suggests a need for
gynecologic research.

Clinicians can anticipate that
1.4% to 18% of their patients
with pelvic pain will have
chlamydia in the absence of
salpingitis or adhesions and
up to 64% with acute or
sub-acute pain and

Some miliary lesions have
been inflammatory.  This
observation suggests a need
to clarify the role of
chlamydia and other
infectious and inflammatory
agents in these cases.

Researchers with an interest
in pain, pediatrics, histology
and infectious diseases may
find useful reference in the  
Miliary and Vesicular
Lesions.  That file includes a
summary of my WCE2017
poster and a partial
annotated bibliography.

Miliary and Vesicular Lesions

Ronald E. Batt, MD (1933-2017)


World Congress of Endometriosis 2017
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada